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232.) NOTHING UP MY SLEEVE!, by Douglas Beaufort, London, Stanley Paul & Co. LTD., 1938, tan cloth bound, 287 pp, w/frontis, 17 half tone pictures illustrate. An autobiography of Beaufort "Fifty Years Society Magician". Magician to the British Royal children plus the Royals of most every country in Europe, the Mid East and Russia. He claims to have "seen a Queen whipped", taught Magic to an heir to the British Throne, has been suspected of being a spy by Scotland Yard, went half round the world on a windjammer, made love to a muderess, had a secret assignation with an Empress, was sent by the Foreign Office "to frighten a Sultan with his magic", etc. Quite a flamboyant career with most royals and celebrities during the most turbulent and bloody 50 years of world history!!! Shows some wear, spine slightly stained, intact and highly readable...........$75.00

236.) FIZBIN, AN INDEPENDENT MAGAZINE FOR AND BY THE YOUNG MAGICIAN. A very unusual periodical featuring the talents of an early Jeff McBride and Bob Fleisher. NOTE: This only consists of four (4) issues: Vol. 1 #'s 3 & 4, Vol. 2 # 2 and Vol. 3 #1, 1996 to 1998 Not a complete file!!.................$20.00

237.)PHIL TEMPLE'S MAGIC SET COLLECTOR'S NEWSLETTER. A very ambitious undertaking by the tireless Temple, this is NOT a complete file and only consists of Vol.1, #2,3, and 6 and Vol.2, #4. Four issues from 1995 to 1997.......................$20.00

238.) THE ILLUSIONIST, A PUBILICATION DEDICATED TO THE ART OF STAGE MAGIC AND GRAND ILLUSION. Huntington, CT., 11 issues (eleven)and not a complete file. Vol. 1, #'s 1,2,3,4 - Vol.2, #'s 1, 2, 3, 4 - Vol. 4, #4 and Vol. 5, #2. I believe there were only 4 issues to a volume, at any rate here are 10 issues w/fly sheets plus a promo brochure and dated from 1993 to 1997 at......$50.00

10.) ADRION'S ZAUBERKABINET, by Alexander Adrion, DuMont BuchverlagKoln, 1980, German language, profusely illus. with photos and drawings, slipcase and inserts, Slipcase shows a bit of wear around the edges, book plus dustcover and inserts are pristine! This is a beautiful and colorful book! "A work of art".............................$25.00

11.) DIE KUNST zu ZAUBERN, by Alexander Adrion,DuMont Buchverlag Koln, 1981, German Language, profusely illus. w/ photos & drawings w/ a 16 page color section of posters/graphics,248 pp,plus insert, paper board covers, 1st part is history of international magic, 2nd part is tricks and puzzles,(no picture) Excellent cond.......$15.00

12.) THE CLOSE UP MAGICIAN, by Bert Allerton, Ireland Magic Co., Chicago, 2nd printing, 1958, board covers (stained), photos plus illus. by Howard Bamman, Magic as performed by a true pioneer of sophisticated & highly successful close up entertainment! Shows some use, Fair condition........................$10.00

13.) REEL MAGIC, by Albenice, Nate Louis Publ., 1941, the Very Unusual blue cloth bound Limited 1st Ed. as produced by the publisher. Frontis, 56 pp., illus. This is the basic tutorial (pre- Rice Silk Encyclopedia) on magic w/ the P&L reels and is not restricted to magic with silks (and the reel)! Excellent condition...........................$30.00

16.) A SHORT TITLE CHECKLIST OF CONJURING PERIODICALS IN ENGLISH, by James B. Alfredson & George L. Daily Jr., privately publ., Lansing MI, 1976, #30 of a limited ed. of 200 and one a the few bound in red cloth w/gilt lettering by the publishers. Autographed & Inscribed by both authors! Excellent cond. and Scarce!......$45.00

19.) "GOODNIGHT MR. DANTE", by Val Evans, Goodliffe Publ., 1978, w/dj, blue cloth bound, 122 pp., photos. A biography of the celebrated DANTE (Harry A. Jansen) "Sim-Sala-Bim". Included are two color snapshots taken in 1982 of the beautiful Mai-Yo Miller (Dante's #1 assistant) and Arturo Mentes. Excellent cond..............$25.00

20.) THE BOOK WITHOUT A NAME, by Theo. Annemann, Max Holden publ., New York, 1931, Rotogravure photos including Annemann himself, 62 pp., red cloth bound 1ST ED. The first of many publications by this off-beat and highly acclaimed performer. Inside front cover marked with black marker otherwise Very Good cond. for this Scarce ed......$20.00

23.) THE ART OF MODERN CONJURING, by A. Modern Magician, The Reilly & Britton Co., Chicago, N.D. circa 1920, frontis, profusely illus. w/photos, 222 pp., slightly marked throughout w/ink pen to tie illustrations to their respective trick (rather primitive!!) otherwise Very Good condition................$25.00

29.) EASY CONJURING WITHOUT APPARATUS, by Will Baffel, publ. by Geo. Routledge & Sons, London, 2nd Impression, blue cloth bound, gilt letters, small sticker on spine, N.D.circa 1920, illus., 143 pp - pages throughout book have never been cut apart from accordion folding when production bound! Contains the source of Dell O'Dell's "Heaven & Hell Paper Tear". Very Good condition.............$15.00

30.) ONE MAN SHOW, A Conjuring Guide To The Leading Solo Turns For The Amateur and Semi-Pro Concert Artiste. by Wm. A. Bagley, published by Vawser & Wiles, London, yellow cloth bound, w/dj, dj shows wear. 96 pp., well illustrated. N.D. Contains acts on Conjuring, vent, puppetry, shadowgraphy, "Troublewit", rag & smoke pictures, etc. Book in Excellent cond............. $15.00

31.) TWENTY MAGICAL MYSTERIES, by Edw. Bagshawe, publ. by Edward Bagshawe & Co., London, N.D., circa 1940, blue grained binding, gilt letters, w/dj which is stained and slightly frayed, 80 pp., illustrated by Sid Lorraine, Davenport sticker, book is in Excellent cond.........................$15.00

33.) AL BAKER'S BOOK, by Al Baker, priv. publ. by author, 1933, orange paper covers, 24+pp., illus. Contains very practical tricks that "appear" to be impromptu, the type of casual magic that helps reputations. AUTOGRAPHED and INSCRIBED by Al Baker in 1933. Shows some wear (see photo) otherwise Good Condition..........$45.00

34.) AL BAKER'S SECOND BOOK, by Al Baker, priv. publ. by author, 1935, blue-green paper covers, cover has a marking and a few ink "blotches", 32+pp., illus. This having more platform type effects as the next step from previous selection (#33). Book intact and Very Good con. but for covers as mentioned...........................$20.00

36.) AL BAKER'S PET SECRETS, by Al Baker, publ. by Geo. Starke, 1951, black cloth bound, gilt letters, 111 pp., illus. Number 203 of a Limited Deluxe Edition of 500 copies. AUTOGRAPHED by the author, Foreword by Dai Vernon, Introduction by Jean Hugard. Great offering & great effects then & now!! Excellent condition..........$95.00

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